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Video Surveillance: An Essential Security Tool for Everyone

Welcome to the New Reality in Video Surveillance Options!

From high-quality digital DVR systems to simple, wireless setups for your home, today’s camera systems are a far cry from the ones you probably remember from retail operations. They’re not just for the rich anymore either. We can customize a system just for you, in your price range, for your specific security needs. Check out the new options and see if Video Surveillance is right for you!

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Today’s home video systems are easier and more affordable than ever!

New wireless cameras from Knight Security offer quick, easy set-up, less expense, and flexible options perfect for your busy lifestyle.

camerasONLY-XL Wireless Options From Knight Security!

Partnering with DMP, Knight Security now offers a range of simple, wireless cameras designed for interior residential use. These cameras are simple to install and much less expensive than traditional video camera options. They can be accessed through your Virtual Keypad App and integrated with your existing or new burglary alarm system.

Receive a message when your camera is motion-activated and view clips, or access the camera to view real-time images any time on your Smart Phone or Tablet.  The perfect option for stress-free casual protection for your home. Check on pets, babysitters, house cleaners or your children. Keep an eye on your garage or work shed. Capture images from people at your front door. Monitor your home office space.

Let us show you how easy and affordable it can be to give yourself that extra peace of mind that video surveillance can bring to you. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle in-home security consultation!

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In today’s world, you sometimes need a little help keeping an eye on things.

Now you can have a little less to worry about with a video surveillance system from Knight Security.

Whether you are keeping an eye on your shop, your back yard, your garage or your retail space, Knight Security offers a camera system that will be designed just for you and your specific needs. Simple, easy-to-use cameras paired with state of the art NVR technology will record your video, allowing you to play it back, capture clips for saving, and even set up certain areas to record only when motion is recorded, allowing you to quickly monitor and respond to situations.

You can also download the App and view the cameras anytime from your Smart Phone or Tablet, allowing you to monitor your home and commercial areas from anywhere.

Contact us today to have a free, no-hassle on-site security evaluation and let us show you how easy it is to get extra peace of mind with a Video Surveillance System from Knight Security!

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