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Touch Screen Keypad The newest technology from DMP features an interactive display, responsive screen, and easy-to-use menus. Display changes when the system is in alarm status, allowing you to be quickly notified if your system has been set off. Comes in your choice of black or white frames to help the […]


Control Panel

Control Panel The ‘brain’ of the security system, the control panel contains the necessary computer boards and the system backup battery (not shown) that will ensure that the system continues to protect you during a power outage. This is usually mounted in an out-of-the way area like a laundry room […]


Glassbreak Detectors

Glassbreak Detectors Designed to register the impact of something hitting or breaking a large, non-opening panel of glass, these detectors will alert the Monitoring Center when it detects that something has hit the window. These detectors are used to protect large openings-plate glass windows, display windows, large sun room windows, […]


Door and Window Contacts

Door and Window Contacts Designed to recognize when a door or window is opened and closed, these contacts feature simple magnets that register when they are pulled apart and when they are brought back together, allowing the Monitoring Center to receive notification when the window or door is opened and when […]