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Pet Safety

Moki, a rescue cat owned by a Monitor.


We here at Knight Security are huge pet lovers-most of us own at least one animal, and most of us own more than one.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we are as dedicated to protecting your beloved pets as we are to protecting you.

Here are some simple ways that you can help protect your pets with help from Knight Security:

Add a Carbon Monoxide detector to your home system.

Carbon Monoxide is as potentially fatal for cats, dogs and small rodents as it is for humans. On average, a small dog can die with as little as 15 minutes of exposure to toxic levels of Carbon Monoxide. (Small children average the same time frame).  In addition, dogs and cats tend to hang out in places where humans don’t often hang out-closets, utility rooms, attics, garages-and are therefore often exposed to Carbon Monoxide that a human wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to.

Soda, a German Mix owned by a Technician

Have your Fire Alarm system monitored.

Having a fire alarm detection system is a great thing…as far as it goes. But what about when you’re at work and there’s no one home but your cat? Who is going to call the Fire Department? How will your cat get out of the house?

A Monitored Fire Detection system from Knight Security will ensure that even if you’re not there to hear it, your alarm doesn’t go unnoticed.

Make sure you have an “Animals Inside” sticker on your front door or window.

You can get free stickers or window clings from many Veterinarian Offices, Shelters, Pet stores and Pet Supply stores, or you can get a free safety pack from the ASPCA here. Keep the list updated and make sure that it is prominently displayed so Fire Fighters or Police Officers can quickly determine the type and number of animals to rescue.

Also, keep leashes or collars (if your animals don’t wear them) near the front door, if possible, for easy use by the Firefighters. Keeping a travel case (for smaller animals) in your front coat closet is also a good idea.

Consider investing in a Cellular Home Automation system. 

Tanglefoot, a rescue kitten owned by a Monitor.

Not only are these useful and terrific for you, there’s several really great aspects for pet owners. Keeping tabs on the temperature in your home is one of the biggest-make sure it doesn’t get hot enough in your home to make your animals sick or cold enough to put them in danger. Install a controlled power outlet and an auto-feeder and you can feed your dogs from the office if things run late and you can’t get home in time.