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Your home is where you should feel comfortable, safe and happy. Don't let security concerns come between you and your family's peace of mind.

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Burg House

This is a basic example of a typical burglary alarm system. The exact setup will depend, of course, on your personal security concerns, the layout of your home, and the materials of your walls.

Motion  Door and Window Glassbreak Control Panel Keypad

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Carbon monoxide, or “CO,” is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill you!


Where is CO found?

CO is found in fumes produced any time you burn fuel in cars or trucks, small engines, stoves, lanterns, grills, fireplaces, gas ranges, or furnaces. CO can build up indoors and poison people and animals who breathe it.

What are the symptoms of CO poisoning?

The most common symptoms of CO poisoning are headache, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. CO symptoms are often described as “flu-like.” If you breathe in a lot of CO it can make you pass out or kill you. People who are sleeping or drunk can die from CO poisoning before they have symptoms.

Who is at risk from CO poisoning?

Everyone is at risk for CO poisoning. Infants, the elderly, people with chronic heart disease, anemia, or breathing problems are more likely to get sick from CO, but even healthy adults, children and your pets can be quickly affected by CO poisoning. Each year, more than 400 Americans die from unintentional CO poisoning not linked to fires, more than 20,000 visit the emergency room, and more than 4,000 are hospitalized.


 A monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector from Knight Security could save your loved ones' lives!

It's not enough to have a basic, off-the-shelf CO Detector in your home. Sure, it will sound an alert when it detects CO...but what if you're asleep? What if you're already too sick to realize what the alarm is going off for? What if you're not home...but your pets are. With a Monitored CO Detector, you will be protected no matter what happens. Don't leave your family's well-being to chance!

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A flooded basement is a pain in anyone's back. Not to mention that the average cost of cleanup and replacement for items ruined in a flood can be upwards of $1,000...but depending on what you're forced to replace, that estimate can rise as high as $15,000.

A monitored Water Detector from Knight Security can help take some of the worry from your mind. The sensor allows you to get advance notification of potentially hazardous water leaks. The sensor is calibrated to help reduce false alarms by recognizing the difference between flooding situations and high humidity or condensation.

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The answer to that question should be: Your Monitoring Station does.

With Fire Monitoring from Knight Security, you and your family have the peace of mind and security that comes from knowing that someone is watching out for you 24/7/365. When your fire alarm goes off, you don't have time to think about calling the Monitoring Station or Fire Department. You need to concentrate on what's more important-getting you and your family safely out of the building. And with monitored fire alarms, you can do just that.

Best of all, that protection extends to times when you are not home. Waiting for a neighbor or passerby to notice your home is on fire or to hear your non-monitored fire alarms can cost you precious time...or possibly, it could cost you your home. Don't let your home's safety be left up to chance.

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Cell Phone App to control your home automationControl 

in the

Palm of your Hand

with the

Virtual Keypad App

from Knight Security



In today's world, we are increasingly dependent on our cellular devices for everything from shopping to keeping  track of our exercise programs. The experts call it the "Internet of Things" and predict that this trend will continue  in the future, expanding our options and making our lives so much more convenient, mobile and easy.

 Now, with the Virtual Keypad App, you can add your security system to the list of things you can control with the  same ease and flexibility.

With the Virtual Keypad App, you can monitor your home alarm system, receive alerts when your system has been  set off, when someone sets or turns it off, and when there is a problem. But that's not all.

There are so many more options today than there were even a year ago:


Adding Home Automation to your existing or new system will give you a whole new range of options. With your cell  phone, you can open and close your garage door, lock and unlock your front door, turn on and off your lights,  appliances and electronics, open or close your blinds, control your thermostat...and so much more.


With the GeoFencing option on your cell phone, you can not only control your home automation system, but you can  make it automatic. Imagine, as your system senses your arrival, the garage door opening for you, the lights coming  on, and the thermostat rising to your preferred setting. And then, when your system recognizes that you are    leaving, the front door automatically locks, the lights go off, and the thermostat falls to your 'away' preferred  temperature...

It sounds like one of those 'futuristic' cartoons, doesn't it? But it's not-it's today, it's possible, and best of all, it's  affordable and easy. And it's only going to get better.


Do you have school-aged children who come home while you're still at work? Do you have teenagers who come and  go almost fast enough to make your head turn? With your Virtual Keypad App, you can now get 'check ins', allowing  you to see when the kids come home and when they leave. A little more peace of mind for you and your family from  Knight Security.

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