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Fire System Monitoring

The worst has happened. Your business has had a fire. Business fire


 How quickly did the fire department respond?




During a fire, seconds count. Having a monitored fire system can be the difference between a small fire and a total disaster. During the night, when your business is closed and there is no one around, a local alarm may not be enough. If there’s no one there to hear the alarm, there’s no one there to call the fire department.

Knight Security can monitor most installed, pre-existing fire systems and fire systems installed new by authorized local certified Fire Suppression System technicians. We work with all of the companies who install systems locally and have established good rapport with their companies and technicians so that cooperation and communication lines are always open.

If your company or business has a fire system installed but no one is monitoring it, call us today at (605) 343-3333 or use the handy Contact Us floating button and let us show you how easy it is to get some extra peace of mind.