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How It Works

A basic, typical Commercial Burglary Alarm system usually consists of the following:

  • Exit/Entry Door Alarms: placed on each door leading out of the building or premises, the alarms will sound when the system is armed and the door is opened. The alarms are self-resetting, so every time the door is re-opened, it will generate a new alarm. These alarms can also be programmed to generate a chime whenever the door is opened even when the system is not armed, alerting the employees when a customer or vendor enters the premises.
  • Other Door Alarms: placed on other types of doors, such as office doors, cooler doors or storage area doors, these alarms can be programmed into a new area, allowing you to control your armed areas more specifically. For example, it can be set up that employees with access to the inventory room do not automatically have access to the office. This is called Area Arming.
  • Window Alarms: placed on windows that open and close with easy access from the exterior, these alarms will sound when the system is armed and the window is opened. The alarms are self-resetting, so every time the window is re-opened, it will generate a new alarm.
  • Glassbreak Alarms: placed on large, non-opening windows such as plate-glass display windows, these alarms will sound when a hard vibration is recorded on the glass. This will alert the monitoring center if someone attempts to break the window or if something hits the window hard.
  • Motion Alarms: these alarms monitor the changes in infrared light that indicate movement in the area. These alarms are self-resetting; each time the detector registers a new movement, a new alarm will be generated.
  • Fixed-position Panic Alarms: mounted under a desk or counter (or in another easy to access but out of the way area to prevent false alarms), these alarms are wired to be pressed by an employee in an emergency situation. The panic device will send an alarm directly to the monitoring service, who will then summon law enforcement immediately. These alarms are typically not programmed to make any noise or indication that they have been activated.
  • Personal Panic Alarms: typically worn around the neck or clipped on a belt, these portable, wireless panic switches allow the employee to move freely around the premises but still summon help if they are in a dangerous situation. These are especially useful for employees who take out trash at night or move around in large crowds away from immediate help from other employees.

Placement and number of sensors will depend on the layout of your premises and your individual security concerns. Contact us today to have a free, on-site security evaluation to find out how we can help you get peace of mind for yourself, your employees and your customers in an easy-to-use Burglary Alarm system from Knight Security.