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Cellular Systems

Cellular Communication

In the old days, you had one option for monitored burglary alarms: the telephone lines. And they worked. But as everyone knows, telephone lines have many drawbacks.

  • phone_ringing_iconProne to downage and damage during our wild winter storms
  • Noise on the line that prevents signals from being accurately conveyed
  • The possibility of outside, deliberate sabotage to prevent your system from communicating an alarm
  • The necessity to maintain a home phone line even if you don’t use it personally
  • Slower, sometimes lagging transmission times during peak usage time causing alarms to be delayed


Living in SD means living with the weather. A severe ice storm in 2013 caused incredible damage to trees, buildings and telephone lines. More than half of our telephone line ┬ácustomers were out of service for at least a week…it doesn’t seem that bad, but what if there had been a fire emergency during that time? Or a situation in which an employee needed to press the panic button?

Thankfully, technology has moved on. Traditional POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Lines) are becoming a thing of the past as most of us ditch home phones for the much more convenient, feature-rich and reliable cellular phones we all love.

So why should you let your home or business security and fire systems stay old-fashioned and out-of-date?


Cellular Alarm Systems are Better!

New cellular systems from Knight Security Inc are the way to go. Communicating with the Monitoring Station through cell phone data signals, your system will be faster and more reliable than with a POTS line.

  • Radiowireless_Tower_clip_art_hightSignals are transferred much quicker over Cellular networks, even at peak usage times
  • Cellular signals are almost impossible to sabotage or redirect
  • Cellular systems are usually not affected by storms
  • Cellular systems allow you to take full advantage of many great options like viewing your camera system on your home phone, controlling your burglary alarm and home automation systems with your phone or computer, and GeoFencing


Cellular Upgrade Options for Older Systems

Before, upgrading to cellular required the purchase of a whole new alarm system-often an expensive proposition, especially if you purchased your system fairly recently.

Good news!

CellCom Digital Communicators from DMP, our trusted security product supplier, have changed all of that. Instead of purchasing a whole new system, the CellCom module simply attaches to your pre-existing burglary panel and converts the signals it produces to cellular. No fuss, no muss, a simple visit from our Tech and you, too, can enjoy all the additional benefits of having a cellular service.

Celluar communication upgrades…at a fraction of the price of a new system. And it doesn’t require purchasing any new hardware for your system-all of your pre-existing sensors and keypads will work.

Contact us today to have a free, on-site evaluation to discuss your specific security needs and options. Let us show you how easy it can be to get peace of mind with a monitored, cellular alarm system from Knight Security.