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Carbon Monoxide Detection



Carbon Monoxide Detection





What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced by burning. It can be produced by many common household appliances, such as gas stoves, fireplaces, dryers and wood stoves. It can also be produced by gas or kerosene space heaters, lawn mowers, your car, boilers, power generators and some power tools.

Why is Carbon Monoxide so dangerous?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2,000 deaths a year in the United States are caused by Carbon Monoxide poisoning. In addition, 8,000-15,000 people a year are treated for non-fatal Carbon Monoxide poisoning in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Carbon Monoxide is known as the silent killer. There is no way for a normal human or animal to detect it. It can build up to a lethal dose for an adult human very quickly.

Even if you do not die, being exposed to Carbon Monoxide, even at lower levels, can lead to complications including short-term memory loss, trouble breathing, and other brain-function impairment issues.

Off-the-Shelf Carbon Monoxide alarms vs a Monitored Carbon Monoxide Alarm from Knight Security:

Every home should have a Carbon Monoxide detector in it, no exceptions. However, you can find Carbon Monoxide detectors at any good hardware store, often ranging from cheap to expensive, that promise to alert you to potentially harmful Carbon Monoxide levels. So why should you bother with a monitored alarm?

Having your Carbon Monoxide alarm monitored by Knight Security gives you additional peace of mind. What if you’re asleep and can’t hear the alarm? What if you’re too sick and disoriented to understand what it is? What if you’re not there…but your beloved pets are?

Knowing that someone is watching out for you, 24/7, keeping an eye on your alarm and contacting you if the alarm should indicate a potential threat…that’s the difference between a cheap Carbon Monoxide alarm from off-the-shelf and a professionally installed, monitored alarm from Knight Security Inc.

Call us today at (605) 343-3333 and let us show you how easy and quick it is to get peace of mind, security and safety for your home and family with a system from Knight Security Inc.