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Access Control

Access Control

What it is
Access Control Panel with Keyfob sensorAccess Control is a system that is designed to control the flow of people from one area to another. Typically it is used to restrict access to sensitive or ‘personal’ areas from ‘public’ areas. Examples of this include inventory rooms, offices, records rooms, computer areas or security areas.

Access Control can also be used to protect the entire premises; an Access Control system can be placed on the outside door, allowing only people with the correct authorization to enter the premises. This is used in businesses that require membership, for example, or for office areas in sensitive professions.

Typical Access Control Systems

Access control does not have to be fancy or complicated to be effective. Usually, it simply requires a keypad or sensor plate to be mounted by the door leading to the area you wish to control access to. A locking mechanism is installed on the door that keeps it locked at all times.  To access the system, the customer or employee would then have to enter a code onto the keypad or present a pre-programmed keyfob or access card to gain entry into the door.

Different areas can be programmed for different levels of access. In the ‘membership’ example above, a customer’s key-card could be programmed to allow them into the door but not the office or inventory room. An employee’s keycard would be programmed to allow them into the door and into the inventory room, while the manager’s keycard would give them access to the entire system.


Why Access Control is Important

  • Access Control helps you monitor your inventory by only allowing certain people access and by recording and reporting when the inventory room is accessed.
  • Access Control also helps you prevent theft by making sure unauthorized people do not have access to your inventory without supervision.
  • Access Control helps keep your employees safe by preventing unauthorized people access to areas where they can cause damage to the employees, your business or your equipment.
  • Access Control also helps keep your employees personal areas, such as lounge areas and coat areas, to protect your employees from unwanted harassment and to buffer your employees from your customers.
  • Access Control helps keep your sensitive documents, computers and information safe from prying eyes.

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